Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fiction Critiquing - Submission

Submissions: To submit a piece for critiquing to the Fiction Writers Workshop you must have already critiqued two pieces in a previous session. Also, when you submit a piece, you must have meaningful critiques – constructive, thoughtful and of substance – of the other pieces submitted to the same workshop. In other words, to be critiqued, you must critique. In addition, to belong to the Fiction Writers Workshop, you must submit a piece at least each six months. Submit only complete short stories or full chapters from a novel, not to exceed 7,500 words. If longer, submit a complete scene within the word limit length. If submitting a chapter from a novel, provide a summary or synopsis when the entire manuscript cannot be submitted. Submissions are distributed via e-mail (as an attachment) at least a week before, but not longer than two weeks prior to the workshop date (usually the third Saturday of the month). Send it to those listed in the e-mail header of the workshop announcement. This way the critiquer has sufficient time to do a conscientious job, and doesn’t do it too far in advance to forget useful comments. Recognize that the summary of a novel will be reviewed also, with focus upon the ideas and the overall story structure. In the case of a novel, offer to provide previous chapters to critiquers who haven’t been involved from chapter one. Format your manuscript to professional standards - to do otherwise marks you as an amateur, and should you submit an item for publication, will be the kiss of death.

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